About me and my work

I'm mainly a stencil artist. The inspiration for my work comes from fashion photography, models and fashion magazines. I mostly choose portraits of female models and transform them into colourful stencil graffiti, paintings or drawings. Moreover, sunny and light places, like Ibiza, Formentera or Mykonos, inspire my choice of colours. I almost never use black. I prefer seeing my work in the streets of the aforementioned islands or cities like Barcelona, London, etc. I am especially fond of decaying or rough concrete walls in dilapidated surroundings which are already painted with graffiti or hidden places, like concrete stairs, rough wooden doors, unfinished hotel ruins or boats sheds. I just love to make those places more colourful with my stencil graffiti and paste-ups.

I love (spray) paint and colours. I paint on paper and canvas, I draw on paper with coloured pencils or other material and I spray with spray cans on paper, canvas and outside on walls. Sometimes I use these media separately, sometimes I mix them. You can find me working in the streets, glueing my paste-ups on walls, or drawing, painting and cutting stencils in my studio. 


Some of the models I have used in my work have reacted to it. Coco Rocha owns three spray painted works and says they are 'epic'. Moreover, recently, Karlie Kloss, said 'I love (her) work', so does Michelle Buswell. However, it's not common fan art. It's rather I identify with the image and I let it speak for me. I sometimes combine the characters with text (Take me to...) or let the image speak through the title I give the work. 


About my education

From Fine Art and Teaching Art to Street Art


I am actually also a trained teacher for  Art and English at secondary schools. But at the moment I am on parental leave (approximately until 2020). 

I studied Fine Art and Didactics of Art at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in the classes of Jörg Immendorff and Jan Dibbets and graduated as Master Student of Jan Dibbets and with my Staatsexamen in 2005. I finished my Art Studies with large-scale oil painted canvasses. At the same time I also studied teaching English as a foreign languge and after the graduation, I became a trainee teacher for Art and English in Wuppertal/Solingen, Germany. After I had finished my education successfully, I worked at Erasmus-von-Rotterdam Gymnasium, a secondary school in Viersen, Germany. In 2014, I had a sabbatical, got pregnant and moved to Hamburg where I now live with my family and work as an artist.

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